Aleena and Salman Saeed New Latest Clicks on wedding

Salman has got hitched on Friday night in a private function in lodging in Lahore. The first-class superstars like Adnan Siddiqui, Wasay Chaudhry, Imran Ashraf, Ahmad Ali Butt, and others went to the wedding gathering.

Salman Saeed shared which quality he enjoys the most in his better half, “I think she is an extremely straightforward individual. She is terrified of harming individuals and she never lies. Additionally, she is a caring individual and has gotten near my family.”

Salman Saeed, the more youthful sibling of Humayun Saeed, is likewise a hopeful entertainer and having a senior sibling-like Humayun Saeed looking after his shoulder is only the sort of inspiration and solace one requires when they’re beginning in their vocation.

Humayun Saeed and Samina Humayun have been hitched for quite a while. Yet, this couple is yet denied the gift of kids. We ask that God favor this couple with the infant as quickly as time permits.

Salman Saeed and Aleena got married 2 months ago. They both live their Happy life and enjoying the new life after marriage. Salman Saeed done his new drama Bhraas with Tooba Amir wife of Amir Liaquat Hussain

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