Arshad Sharif Legend of Pakistan Passed away Some Family Memories

Another Pakistani Stars and Peoples favourite Journalist leave the world Still many anchors ready to serve on the Place of Arshad Sharif Firstly He is threaten by arrest warrant and he moves to UAE and Suddenly He died in Kenya due to mistake by Kenya Police.

Arshad Sharif Body Reached in Islamabad Pakistan and All the Journalist and peoples are supporting to Arshad Sharif and all are think its a Murder case not a Mistake See Some Memorable Pictures of Arshad Sharif with his wife and Family.

Arshad Sharif was martyred by police officers out and about in Kenya. After this occurred, the police expressed that because of wrong data, we terminated at some unacceptable vehicle. However, what is completely false and what is reality, approaching the truth will surface at some point for everybody.

Senior Commentator individual, writer, and journalist Arshad Sharif Died in a sad episode in Nairobi, Kenya. As per reports.

Awards have begun pouring in after the heartbreaking passing of Pakistani editorialist Arshad Sharif who was shot dead in Kenya. His soul mate avowed his annihilation through Twitter without skipping a beat Monday.

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