Ayesha and shahveer Jafry Romantic way stunning Cute Pictures

Later, Shahveer became a YouTube sensation and now has millions of social media followers. He moved back to Pakistan from Canada and now works full-time in the entertainment industry.

They never fail to impress us with their looks, whether we’re hanging out with them or going to historical sites around the world. When they tied the knot in a ceremony that was even more extravagant and opulent, social media went absolutely bonkers.

Zoya, Zaid, and Sham, members of the YouTube family, were in attendance at the couple’s engagement party in December of last year. Throughout the entirety of the wedding ceremony, they remained steadfast guests on the guest list. Now a mother.

The couple is seen traveling to beautiful places together and posting pictures of themselves online. When Shahveer tied the knot, his admirers lavished him with prayers and well-wishes, and they continue to do so on a daily basis for the newlyweds.

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