Ayesha Fazil and Ali Zafar on Vacations like New Honeymoon Couples

Ayesha Fazil and Ali Zafar another Super Talented Couples of the Showbiz Industry who make their life more comfortable by enjoying their Vacations time and remembering to their Honeymoon Days when they are Newly Married.

Ayesha Fazil Now Coming Some How Fatty Girl but Still She suited with Ali Zafar. They are a very Loving Couple Ali Zafar Never Compromise on her Fitness but his Wife is not Diet Conscious Check some New Traveling Pictures of Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazil.

Ali Zafar PP is a Pakistani vocalist lyricist, model, entertainer, maker, screenwriter and painter. Ali Zafar started on Pakistani television before transforming into a notable entertainer. He later similarly settled a work in Bollywood and his success drove various Pakistani performers to meander into Hindi films.

Ali Zafar was accused of badgering by Meesha Shafi, who is likewise a notable craftsman. This was a major disaster for the family. The case was rarely settled and is as yet going through the courts, however Ali, Ayesha, and the children all experienced to manage the difficulty.

Pakistani vocalist Meesha Shafi’s badgering charges against individual artist Ali Zafar mixed a tempest in the diversion industry.While the Aya Lariye vocalist’s assertion was viewed as a significant achievement in Pakistan’s own.

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