Feroze Khan and Syed Alizey Main Reason of Separation in front of Media

Feroze Khan has a very different and Introvert Personality Person his wife cant survive with him due to physical Torcher after the birth of 2 kids they finally decide to separate and Alizey wants child custody to see in pics.

Alizey Ruler Has a place with Syed Family and She Got Hitched with Feroze Khan in 2018 and they go through great with gift time on earth style and Presently Subsequent to becoming the Guardians of Two children Aliza Ruler and Feroze are Isolated for certain Private reasons.

Feroze Khan additionally did a few Explanations however Aliza has more Steady Demonstrates to leave this Relationship She would rather not influence her better half terrible things on her children that is the reason She chooses to live Separate See some Important Snap and Various Assessments of Aliza and Feroze Khan.

Alizey has explained the circumstance with respect to the bits of hearsay about her marriage that have been circumventing the web for some time now on her Instagram account. She stated, “Our four-year marriage was finished mayhem. As well as continuous physical and mental maltreatment over the course of this time, her better half likewise exposed me to unfaithfulness, extortion, and corrupting treatment.”

In Walk 2018, Feroze Khan marry Alizey Ruler. Muhammad Ruler Khan, a kid, was brought into the world to the couple in May 2019. This year, the couple brought forth a young lady named Fatima Khan, their subsequent kid.

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