Finally, Feroza Khan Won the Case of Children Custody New Massive Pics

Feroze Khan assumes parts in shows is the same way he is with his significant other, in actuality. Furthermore, individuals said that Syeda Alizay Fatima is an exceptionally respectable and blameless young lady, she got through the viciousness of this person for quite a long time.

The archives are 100 percent genuine and every one of the reports and clinical records is 100 percent genuine. They can proceed to actually look at the reports in a medical clinic.

The Habs entertainers Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan were as of late caught having a good time at a portion of Dubai’s stunning spots. Via virtual entertainment, famous people shared some entertaining data about their excursions.

The becoming aware of the upkeep case was hung on November first, 2022. Aliza’s sibling and Feroze and Aliza’s legal counselors addressed the media exhaustively after the trial.

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