Javeria Abbasi Again on Fire by wearing Sari

Actress Javeria Abbasi got married to Can but after a few years she takes divorced her husband for personal issues, But Javeria Abbasi got pregnant during this issue, then she got to be the mother of one cute daughter.

I survived there without any medication for 8 hours, with 12 broken bones, and a bleeding head and chin. My right side was totally fractured. I was moved to Karachi’s hospital from a highway by a truck.

The daughter of Shamoon Abbasi and Javeria Abbasi has got talent in her genes and it’s vividly seen in her performance. She has done tons of modeling shoots and her every look is Just out of this world.

Pakistani Young Actress Anzeela Abbasi shares the most recent lovely clicks with their young beautiful mother Javeria Abbasi on her Instagram account, Anzeela Abbasi, and her mother Javeria wore full open bold tight dresses.

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