Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Enjoy the Friend wedding event

Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar are two popular TikTok creators from Pakistan who recently attended a friend’s wedding together.

Kanwal Aftab is a content creator on TikTok, known for her lip-syncing and dance videos. She has amassed a large following on the platform, with over 7 million fans. Her videos often feature her friends and family, and she is known for her playful and lively personality.

Zulqarnain Sikandar is another TikTok creator from Pakistan who has gained a large following on the platform. He is known for his comedic videos and his ability to create relatable content. He has over 2 million followers on TikTok.

The two friends recently attended a wedding together and shared their experience on TikTok. They posted videos and photos of themselves dancing, singing, and having a great time at the event. Their videos received a lot of engagement from their followers, who enjoyed seeing the two friends having fun together.

Overall, Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain Sikandar are popular TikTok creators from Pakistan who are known for their relatable and entertaining content. Their appearance together at a friend’s wedding has further solidified their friendship and they continue to entertain their followers on TikTok.

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