Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Ali at her Friend Birthday Party

Kinza Hashmi and Saboor Ali Meetup after a very Long time Saboor Becomes very Busy after their married life She is looking so stunning Now Kinza and Saboor meet up at friend’s Birthday Party. Kinza Hashmi still not giving any hint about her marriage.

Saboor Look So Fatty and Over weighted after married life Still Saboor not leaves her bold and Showing the massive look see some amazing Pictures of Kinza and Saboor.

Kinza Hashmi is a Pakistani television performer. She started her acting livelihood in 2014 and appeared in a couple of television serials. Hashmi is generally famous for portraying Rushna in Mumble TV’s Ishq Tamasha for which she got an assignment for Best Terrible Performer at Mumble Awards.

Kinza Hashmi is a dazzling entertainer, who has prevailed upon people in general with her immaculate playing abilities and shocking great highlights. The Gul o Gulzar entertainer was found partaking in a conventional halwa puri naashta on a stormy day while taking full utilization of the rainstorm, and her popular buddies have expressed their impressions on Kinza’s excursion.

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