Mansha Pasha and her new Husband in wedding Event Together Pictures

Jibran is a well-settled businessman, Mansha Pasha still 5 years spent with their first husband, but after some time mansha pasha take divorced, Now She spent a happy life with 2nd husband Jibran.\

Syed Gibran is the Subsequent Spouse and Mansha and the two of them are getting a charge out of life in a Remarkable and Dazzling manner Mansha Shared some New Birthday Celebration Pictures with Maryam Nafees See them at the Family Social occasion.

She is additionally broadly known for her lovely styling and trendy dressing sense, the wonderful entertainer is likewise very vocal about friendly issues.

Mansha referenced in a tweet some time back that she is sufficiently fortunate to have an individual who is exceptionally mindful and capable in her life and she knew his value subsequent to wedding him in a straightforward nikkah service.

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