Mansha Pasha at Lux Style Award Show wearing the Stunning Black Dressing

Mansha Pasha carefully selects her projects. Storm Photography and Films recently included Mansha in a photo shoot. With this modern dress and styling, she looked energized.

Mansha is well-known among internet users for her roles as multiple leads and supporting characters. Mansha made her acting debut in a small role in the drama serial Humsafar, and after that, she started appearing in other dramas.

Both Mansha Pasha and Sonya Hussyn have been invited to a private party with some of their showbiz friends. They are both dressed in completely different ways and look absolutely adorable. Check out some amazing party photos of Mansha Pasha and Sonya Hussyn.

Mansha Pasha was married to Jibran for five years before getting divorced. She now lives a happy life with her second husband, who is a successful businessman.

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