Maryam Nafees and Amaan Ahmed Celebrating New Year Together Happily

Maryam Nafees a cute Showbiz actress who is doing some great and stunning lifestyle events together and making some unique memories in an adorable way. Recently on the New Year party, Maryam and her husband enjoy the massive way by wearing different and short clothes.

Recent pictures of Maryam Nafees looking more aggressive and bold and people are doing comments like overacting. She is openminded and liberal girl who just follow her own rules and lives the life with massive way recently she also appeared in Tabish Show and making some fun see the new clicks of Maryam.

Mariyam Nafees is viewed as truly outstanding, generally youthful, and most skilled entertainers in Pakistan. She is one of the rising entertainers in Pakistan and she is at present in the middle of winning the hearts of individuals through her acting. There is not even a shadow of a doubt, this young lady as of now has every one of the highlights one searches for in an entertainer and model.

Maryam Nafees is cheerfully hitched to Amaan Ahmed and she imparts a delightful relationship to her significant other. Two or three loves to traverse the globe. As of late, Mariyam Nafees and her better half have picked Las Vegas as their new year objective, both are in Las Vegas, USA. Las Vegas is the most crowded city of state Nevada. The couple spent New Year Eve in Las Vegas and posted a few charming cherished up clicks. Maryam Nafees was wearing a short skirt alongside a sleeveless top.

Maryam Nafees, 28, wedded Amaan Ahmed in 2022. Maryam’s wedding was praised in Islamabad with much hype; direct relations and companions joined in. Amaan Ahmed, Mariyam’s mate, is a conspicuous photographic artist, sources show.

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