Nida Yasir at Minal Wedding Clicks with her Husband Yasir

Nida Yasir Nowadays again in trending due to her Racing Car Formula Now People are roasting to Nida Yasir and This viral Clip is almost 7 years old and now again on trending. Nida has a Busy schedule of Life her husband Yasir Nawaz also the Senior Director of the Industry.

Nida Yasir and her Husband Yasir are also Invited at Minal wedding they both wore outclass and unique Dresses Nida Yasir looks more Young and Smart in her Recently Costume at Minal marriage lets see it.

Yasir Nawaz second thoughts to working with Alizeh Shah in dramatizations in Ahsan Khan Show Yasir Nawaz say that I’m lamenting to working in Dramatizations with Some entertainer. Yasir Nawaz more youthful sibling Danish Nawaz additionally a fruitful chief as of late Dramatization Chupke by Ayeza Khan Coordinated by Danish Nawaz Check some New Pictures of Nida and Yasir with their child who is prepared to work in Showbiz Industry.

Minal Khan has made entertainer Ahsan Mohsin Ikram her significant other at the time of only 23. What’s more, she has been infatuated with her significant other for quite a while. In any case, it would not be right to say that Ahsan’s popularity expanded after he turned into the spouse of Minal Khan, in any case nobody knew this kid in the field of acting.

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are as of now getting a charge out of get-aways in the Maldives with their youngsters. Both Nida and Yasir shared pictures from their excursion on their separate Instagram accounts. Nida and Yasir are serving some several objectives in the photos and the two of them looked truly new and captivating in the photos.

Yasir’s diversion of Nida’s viral Formula1 vehicle cut has crossed 130,000 perspectives in not more than hours. He is copying both Nida and one of the two youthful Formula1 vehicle engineers she was meeting. Yasir viewed both of his parts in a serious way, giving a valiant effort with a printed dupatta, head protector, coat and bicycle goggles.

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