Nimra Khan and Iftikhar Azam not More Husband and wife Got Divorced

Nimra Khan the well-established actress and Model in Pakistan Showbiz Who got unbeatable fame from a Drama Khoob Seerat working with Agha Ali and Yashma gill She is in serious condition in Hospital. Nimra Khan has some conflicts with ehr Husband from last year He also beat Nimra Khan.

Nimra reached only at the age of 30 in 2021 and becomes a Widow this is the hardest time for her and Currently her Ex-Husband Iftikhar Azam confirms the news of Divorce. They both not have any children Nimra Khan fans also pray a lot for her wealth lets check some Memorable pictures of Nimra Khan with her Husband.

In the year 2020, Pakistani entertainer and model Nimra Khan began her wedded life by wedding Raja Iftikhar Azam. Several has been hitched for not exactly a year. In any case, for as long as couple of months, bits of hearsay have been flowing via web-based media that Nimra Khan currently lives with her dad rather than her significant other. Also, the entertainer commended both her Eids this year at her dad’s home.

Nimra was posting glad pictures with spouse from UK yet following a couple of days fans noticed a total quiet on her Instagram in regards to her conjugal life. Her swollen pictures likewise blended interest among her fans.

was brought into the world on June 26, 1990, in Karachi, where she consumed all her time on earth with her family. She presently lives in Karachi. She has a place with a strong family. Nimra’s dad is a financial specialist, and her mom has her Salon.

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