Rabab Hashim Nikkah Day Photoshoot on Specific Location

Rabab Hashim’s wedding news was a significant bewilderment for her fans. Everyone was paralyzed, amazed, and happy to see Rabab as a woman, in light of everything. The official picture taker, Abdul Samad Zia is keeping the fans revived by sharing shocking shots on his Instagram handle.

For the Nikkah event, Rabab Hashim shocked in a great ivory white outfit streaming a powder pink dupatta. Her hair tied up in an impeccable bun while she looked engaging wearing a captivating smile.

She is looking amazing at her Nikkah Administration in a regular wedding look. Rabab Hashim got hitched to Shoaib Ali, her better half doesn’t have a spot with the showbiz business.

The photos from the Nikkah event were shared almost 7 days after the capacity through electronic media. According to our source, the Nikkah administration was held tight November 21, in Karachi.

Rabab Hashim is an Good and Talented actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Rabab Hashim go on the location for special wedding shoot of Nikkah Day.

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