Sadia Imam and Hiba Bukhari Together Pictures in Public

Both Hiba Bukhari and the imam of Sadia wore elegantly simple attire. Hiba Bukhari and her husband attended the wedding. She is a very charming and attractive celebrity in the entertainment industry.

In the 1990s, Sadia Imam was at the height of her career, and she continued to rock as a TV host. Every time Sadia appears on television, she manages to make us all fall in love with her.

Sadia Imam was a well-known face in a number of dramas. Sadia has never looked back since she was adored by hundreds of thousands of her fans.

Hiba Bukhari seems to be getting fatter since they got married, but they still don’t plan to have a child. Instead, they just go with the flow of life. Recently, Hiba Bukhari did a red-carpet bridal shoot. Check out some magical pictures from that shoot.

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