Sanam Jung Enjoy the Freely massive lifestyle unique way Pictures

Sanam Jung a Unique lifestyle Host and actress of the showbiz industry who has beautiful family life and just enjoying the beautiful life in a massive way. Sanam Jung is the most admirable showbiz star who quit herself from the hosting industry.

She is running a very popular morning show on Hum TV but She want a break and she quit it and working with her own in some dramas in an adorable way still she is looking fit and young see new snaps of Sanam Jung.

The forthcoming show of Sanam Jung is about a curiously large young lady ‘Mona’ who is extremely easygoing towards life and her only reason in life is to eat, she views herself as solid individual, Mona needs to confront a ton of fat shamming too. Sanam Jung’s theatrics will air on Murmur television, the name of the show is Pyari Mona and she is assuming the part of an overweight young lady. The show centers around the issues of individuals with significant burden.

In spite of the fact that Pyari Mona at first got a positive reaction because of its flighty interpretation of body disgracing, the new pictures of Sanam Jung in a fat suit have been making truly a buzz on the web. Fans have shown disappointment at the show’s makers for picking Jung rather than a larger size entertainer for the job.

Albeit the show got a positive reaction at first for handling the genuine issue, the Dil-e-Muztar star got a ton of analysis for assuming the part of a corpulent lady. Netizens feel that instead of making her wear a fat suit for the job, a genuine larger estimated entertainer ought to have been projected for the main job.

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