Sarah Khand and her lovely Husband Falak Shabbir New Naughty Clicks

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir most beloved and happy couple in Pakistan Showbiz Industry. Sarah 1st engaged and in relation with Agha Ali and last year we suddenly saw that Agha Ali got married to the princess of Showbiz Hina Altaf after the marriage of Agha Ali Sarah Khan also Done it.

Sarah Got married to Falak Shabbir after the marriage of Agha Ali. Falak Shabbir does not an actor he a musician working on music write and sing it. But He got the premium queen of the Showbiz Industry as a wife. Falak usually present flowers to her wife on shooting and everywhere.

There are many times Sarah received flowers from her most caring and loving husband. Sarah’s latest drama is a very excited and New idea of the story of our society working with the legendary versatile actor Imran Ashraf. He is the most talented actor in the Dramas Industry Imran Ashraf working in many different types of roles.

In Drama Ranjha Rajha he plays the role of Uncoud mind person and entertains the audience peoples appreciate to Imran to this role in this drama there are many famous dialogues of Imran Ashraf as Bhola like “Ae Mazy Mazy”. Overall the drama Rasm E bismil is the most trendy and high rated drama.

Sabaat is also a very successful project of Hum Tv network and Momina duraid production and Sarah Play the 1st time these type roles. All the actors working outstanding and also the Director and writer work in a very Efficient way. Ameer Gilani 1st time appears on screen in sabbat as the brother of Sarah Khan and performs very well.

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