Waseem Akram and Shaniera Akram Enjoy Holidays in Maldives

Waseem Akram, our Legend Hero Fast Bowler and the best stunning player of Pakistan Cricket Team after retirement, is engaged with different services like coaching different teams and star commentary under the ICC events.

His wife also a very supportive woman who gives the massive and unique lifestyle together with Waseem Akram and they both are enjoying the massive lifestyle recent days they both plan to spend holidays in Maldives see some clicks of Waseem Akram.

Shaniera Akram is cherished by Pakistanis due to her consideration for the country. About various social issues, she has been straightforward. Big names and accomplished Pakistanis respect Shaniera Akram.

Wasim Akram is an unbelievable Pakistani previous cricketer and the astounding cricket examiner and reporter. Wasim Akram is joyfully hitched to the flawless Australian woman Shaniera Akram who has won the hearts of Pakistanis as their Bhabhi. What Pakistanis love about Shaniera Akram is her anxiety for Pakistan. She has been vocal about numerous social issues. Instructed Pakistani individuals and big names regard Shaniera Akram a ton.

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