Yashma Gill and Sana Khan Wife of Mufti Anas meetup on Umrah Journey

All we Know is That a super Star Sana Khan Now Turns into Real-life after Leaving the Showbiz Industry and Marring with a Scholer and Living Proper Islamic Life with her Husband. On this Ramzan Yashma Gill also did her First Umrah.

And there Yasha Gill meetup with Sana Khan and Her Husband and Make some Friendly Pictures Together as well. Yashma is an awesome Showbiz Actress who has a Strong Fan Following in Drama Industry.

She is Graduated from Australia and Comes Back to Pakistan and Star working as a Model and Actress of the Showbiz Industry having Good Aims. Check the Adorable Umrah Journey Pictures of Yashma Gill and Sana Khan.

Pakistani film and TV entertainer Yashma Gill has conveyed an enthusiastic message to her fans subsequent to meeting with Sana Khan who quit her profession in acting to follow a strict excursion.

The Azmaish entertainer, who became well known in the Pakistani business in a brief timeframe.

Sana Khan said, My dear sister, it was a flat out joy meeting with you. Such a great soul you are In Sha Allah u will be honored with what u wanting the most at the present time. You will be in my requests without a doubt sister. May Allah keep us joined in this Duniya n in the great beyond.

Yashma Gill is a gifted and all around cherished Pakistani entertainer who has become famous in the business in a brief timeframe notwithstanding having no inventive experience. In the heavenly month of Ramadan, entertainer Yashma Gill was as of late seen performing Umrah with her dad.

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